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On our 47th Annual Day - 8th March 2012

St Therese de Liseux - The Little Flower

St Therese de Liseux - The Little Flower
St. Therese De Liseux - The Little Flower's prayer - May today there be peace within us. May we trust God that we are exactly where we are meant to be. May we not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith. May we use those gifts that we have received and pass on the love that has been given to us. May we be content knowing we are children of God. Let this presence settle into our bones and allow our souls the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love. It is there for each and every one of us. Amen


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Mr. Jose Suresh K.G. is a very experienced professional joining the LFEI Faculty Team handling trainees of various trades and started training the students from June 2011 which was towards the fag end of the academic year 2010-2011. Mr. Jose Suresh is from Kaniampuram House, Pukkattupady Road, Vadacode P.O., Kochi.


Science & Calculations

Mr. Jose Suresh K.G. has a wealth of circa 30 years experience stemming from his service as Asst. Engineer with K.S.E.B. He specialises in Science and Engineering Calculations fro students from almost all NCVT Courses especially Electrician, Welder and Refrigeration & Airconditioning Mechanic. LFEI is very proud to have him on board as an experienced Faculty member and extends all the best wishes and a very warm welcome to Mr. Jose Suresh. 


 Rev. Fr. Joby Sebastian Aseethuparambil
Director & Principal
 Rev. Fr. Joseph Rajan Kizhavana
Assistant Director

 Shri Joseph Victor Marakassery
Vice Principal
Head of Placement Cell

 Shri Gopinathan P.
Group Instructor
Senior Trainer - Electricals (NCVT)

Gopinathan Sir is our Senior Faculty Group Instructor. He has a wealth of cumulative experience of more than 35 years and is involved in the planning and scheduling of the theory and laboratory Trainers for all the NCVT Courses. 

Rev. Sr. Regi Usha - CTC
Group Instructor
Senior Instructor Electronics Mechanics (NCVT)

Rev. Sr. Regi Usha, CTC, has a long and unique association with LFEI. She has been an Electronics student at our Institute and went to complete her vocational call with the Carmelite Sisters of the Community. She recently celebrated her Silver Jubilee year of her Vow. Sr. Regi Usha is a passionate Instructor in Electronics and has been with Little Flower for over 20 years. She is currently undergoing the Craft Instructor Training in Advanced Electronics at ATI Mumbai Training Centre.

 Rev. Sr. Melissa, CTC
Head of Finance Department

Mr. B.A. Sebastian Bavelil
Senior Instructor
Fitter Trade (NCVT)

Mr. Sebastian Bavelil is highly instrumental in imparting the right technical training to the students aspiring for Fitter Trade proficiency. Sebastian Sir is an expert and his  experience spans over 35 years and has ample overseas postings some of which can the 15 years with UAE Armed Forces, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and so on.

Mr. Sabu Mathew Paruthikaad
Senior Instructor
Mechanic Refrigeration & Airconditioning (MRAC- NCVT)

Sabu Sir is a "go-getter" in terms of the ever-evolving upwardly mobile technological advancement in the field of cooling systems. He instantaneously builds a rapport with the youngsters who join the MRAC course of the NCVT at LFEI consistently to a full-house, every year. The students immediately synergise their personal aspirations with the expertise of Sabu Sir and are the leaders in almost every activities at LFEI. Sabu Sir kindles that fire of futuristic thinking in the minds of the younsters which reflects in their obedient and co-operative attitude to an extent that they involve in improvisations and creative thinking. The "compressor-less" AC Fan cools almost like an Air-conditioner and is the brain-child of Sabu Sir which was designed and built indigeniously along with the enthusiastic students of the MRAC. The synergy in the MRAC is optimised with the ever-willing and able support complemented by the Co-Trainers and Instructors of MRAC Senior & Junior batches which includes Mr. Joseph P.A., Mr. Suresh Jose, Ms. Mary Treasa I.V. and Ms. Elizabeth D'Lima. All of you combined are instrumental in your own way in contributing to help keep ourselves cool as well as this increasingly warming planet.LFEI is proud to have you, Sabu Sir !!!

 Ms. Mary Treasa I.V.
MRAC & Fitter Trade (NCVT)

 Ms. Elizabeth D'Lima
Fitter Trade & MRAC (NCVT)

 Ms. Sini John
Electronics Mechanic (NCVT)

  Ms. Bindu
Electrical (NCVT)

 Ms. Lizy Jacob
Fitter Trade (NCVT)

The Little Flower Anthem

Author / Lyrics:
 Chev. Primos Perincherry

Music composed by:
Very Rev. Fr. Francis Xavier Thannikaparambil
(Former Director - Lourdes Hospital)


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'''Bon Voyage''' dear JOHN JOSEPH Sir...

John Joseph Sir is the real gentleman and an officer all at the same time if we can call an exemplary teacher so. John Sir is an epitome of rich culture of the highest order. Everybody at LFEI knew that he was to take a crucial overseas assignment as he has done many times in the past but the timing of his sudden departure almost caught everybody at LFEI off-guard. He will always be very welcome at LFEI, whenever he chooses to return to India and he has obliged with his committment to spend any spare days and weeks amidst his vacations with LFEI. Rich and emotional tributes and felicitations were shared by one and all at an hurriedly arranged farewell function at the Conference Hall at LFEI. Photographs below by the courtesy of LFEI's official amateur lenseman young Mr. Anandu - Student in the Piping & Structural Engineering Diploma Course.

 Versatile Varghese Sir,,, nice polite words to felicitate John Joseph Sir

 Ms. Mary Lini is the immediate faculty colleague of John Sir in Electronics Trade

handling emotions can be funny but dignified and respectable...Ms. Lisy Jacob

 Touching words by Sr. Melissa felicitating the noble and humble John Sir

 John Joseph Sir with an equally emotional response

 The best group photo in a very long time,,, worth cherishing

 Personal and collective good-byes for now ... Paul Sir wishing John Sir

 Varghese Sir,,, good-bye for one last time

 You are a great breed of a teacher,,, John Sir come back soon...

All the LFEI community will miss the knowledgeable John Sir,,, no doubt about it !

 Friends forever and will be colleagues again,,, if Almighty wishes !

 The emotional expressions on the faces of the Faculty says it all, isn't it???

Rev. Fr. Joby Aseethuparambil expressing a gratitude filled tribute and goodbye to John Joseph Sir